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My Story

First and foremost, I am a doctor of psychology and a lifelong student of the art and design of psychology and its role in an ever expanding world of holistic healing. ​I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Miami University of Ohio and completed my Masters and Doctoral degrees at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois. I acquired a concentration in psychoanalytic theory as part of my doctoral degree. ​I enjoyed a dynamic training experience working in therapeutic day schools, forensic settings, hospitals and outpatient centers. In these environments, I practiced psychodynamic, trauma focused, family and trauma focused cognitive behavioral approaches in my work with children, adolescents and adults suffering from trauma, abuse and neglect manifesting through moderate to severe emotional, personality and behavioral disorders. ​


I have owned and managed my private practice in Park City since 2013 as a Clinical Psychologist and enjoy working with people representing a wide spectrum of cultural backgrounds and demographics who share a common ground; the desire for more compassion and understanding of the human shared experience of both suffering and joy. ​I have altered my professional role by serving in an "alternative" healing practice which provides me the opportunity to reach people "beyond the couch". This has allowed me to quite literally "meet people where they are". I am able to conduct sessions outdoors while hiking, skiing, walking or sitting in a sunbeam. I am also open to meeting in alternate locations like your home, office or a local coffee shop.


I discovered my interest in alternative healing methods by remaining open and experimenting with outside elements and incorporating them into my own life as well as my professional practice (i.e., yoga, meditation, art/music therapy, energy healing, etc.). I have also grown to accept and adopt a "mind-body" approach to healing after years of listening to patients talk about physical ailments. ​What I've grown to understand is that traditional therapy is often not enough. Sometimes, taking medication is not enough. The status quo of traditional therapies and overall constraints of managed care have given rise to the creation of a practice that is better informed and comprehensive.


 ​I encourage those who are frustrated by the inequities and limitations of health care or traditional methods of healing to connect with me. Like me, many people have intuited that there is more available to them. I plan to serve as a guide to those looking to discover their personal paths forward. ​I look forward to meeting you where you are right now.


Thank you for taking the time to read about me. ​​​- Dr. Kate

My Philosophy

While I am trained in a variety of methods of healing, I choose to lean on both modern and classical psychoanalytic, holistic and relational approaches. I also tune into my own intuition to drive my practice in and out of the office. These models rely on personal strengths and insight oriented processes that uncover underlying conflicts that cause emotional pain in daily life. I believe that you, the client are your own best healer. I have found that by listening carefully to a person's needs, I am able to create a framework that resonates best for each individual. ​Each client is conceptualized through a unique lens using analytic, interpersonal, attachment and trauma focused theories. In this way, early hurts are gradually uncovered and unhealthy relationship patterns emerge. This allows for understanding and change in an emotionally safe environment you and I co-create. Together we work toward comprehensive understanding and creating lasting, meaningful change. The goal of my work is to provide you with the tools and structure to engage the complex interconnectedness of your mind, body & soul. This fosters richer, more authentic and meaningful relationships with yourself and others within the greater culture around you. 

Therapist Psychotherapist Counselor
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